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ReCoila Hose Reels Service and Operation Manuals

Why You Need A Hose Reel Service Manual?

ReCoila Hose and Cord Reels, Australia being one of the leading hose reel manufacturers in Australia and New Zealand, understand the importance of hose reel service manuals for every industrial operator and individual artisan.

Any customer needs a hose reel service manuals for:

Installation: Hose reel installation will warrant the time, effort, and some severe brainstorming without a service manual. Even installation experts refer to one while installing any hose reels.

Safety: Service manuals carry all the safety procedures to be followed while handling the particular hose reel and can be valuable information.

Operation: All operational details are included in the service manuals. From rotating a particular knob in the right direction to rewinding the hose, the service manual guides through all functional procedures.

Maintenance: A service manual comes most handy while undertaking hose reel maintenance. It guides through the process and can include useful tips.

Troubleshooting: In case of a minor operational hiccup, a service manual can help troubleshooting problems.

Replacement Parts: From model serial number to the names and corresponding codes of replacement hose reel parts, the service manual is indispensable while making that service inquiry.

Whether it's a hose reel installation issue, a replacement query, or troubleshooting, service manuals play a vital role in arranging the right fix. Service manuals have a wide variety of uses. As for the physical service manual, it is not replaceable and can be easily misplaced.

Thus, cashing on the online manuals is only wise and economical.

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Gen III Series hose reels

Gen IV Series hose reels (discontinued in early 2014)

Gen II Series hose reels - obsolete (Models manufactured May 2002 - August 2004)



C Series hose reels

T Series manual hose reels

T Series motorised hose reels

ST Series heavy duty spring rewind reels


(Parts Breakdowns)

S400 and SS400 Series
S460 and SS460 Series
S550 and SS550 Series
S555 and SS555 Series
S560 and SS560 Series



4000 Series
Reelcraft 4000 Series hose reels

5000 Series
Reelcraft 5000 Series hose reels

Reelcraft 5005 Series hose reels

7000 Series 
Reelcraft 7000 Series hose reels
Reelcraft PW7600 Series hose reels - high pressure wash

40000 Series
Reelcraft 40000 Series hose reels

80000 Series

Reelcraft 80000 Series hose reels
Reelcraft D80000 Series hose reels
Reelcraft PW81000 Series hose reels - high pressure wash  

9000 Series

Reelcraft 9000 Series Low Pressure hose reels
Reelcraft 9000 Series Medium Pressure hose reels
Reelcraft 9000 Series High Pressure hose reels
Reelcraft FF9000 Series hose reels

Cable Reels

Reelcraft L4000 Series cable reels

Reelcraft L5000 Series cable reels

Grounding Reels

Reelcraft GA3100 grounding reel

Reelcraft GA3050N grounding reel


Welding Cable Reels

Reelcraft WC7000 Series welding cable reels

Reelcraft WC80000 Series welding cable reels

Twin Welding Reels - spring rewind

Reelcraft TW5000 Series twin welding reels
Reelcraft TW7000 Series twin welding reels
Reelcraft TW80000 Series twin welding reels

Twin Welding Reels - hand crank

Reelcraft BA Series twin welding reels

Twin Hydraulic Reels

Reelcraft TH5000 Series twin hydraulic hose reels
Reelcraft TH7000 Series twin hydraulic hose reels
Reelcraft TH80000 Series twin hydraulic hose reels