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Recolia Industrial Heavy Duty Water Hose Reels: Safe and Durable Solution for All Industries

Wednesday, 27 November 2019 05:02

All industries, small, medium, and large, have their own specific needs and requirements for a heavy-duty hose reelTo ensure safety, maximize productivity, and minimize equipment downtime, auto rewind hose reels, offers the best solution. The individual needs of vehicle industries require industrial water hose reels that are easy to mount, operate, and clean. These hose reels offer maximum mobility and reach and equipped with durable swivels and high-performance guns.


The food industries require industrial hot water hose reels and potable water hose reels, complete with non-marking food grade hoses. The right hose reels for your industry can boost production, save time and effort, and can be cost-effective. However, finding the right one might be a hard task.


ReColia: Hose and Cord Reels has the latest selection of industrial spring retractable hose reels, hand crank reels, motor driven hose reels in Australia and New Zealand. Our state of the art design manufacturing unit and the team of experts works together to produce the best hose reels for all industries.


With the vast experience and the in-depth knowledge from the 30 years of manufacturing hose reels, we fully understand that the requirements and needs of each industry vary. Thus, we have the largest selection to suit every industrial need.


For the ones whose needs are unique, we custom design the hose reels for you. With the experience and expertise, ReColia has produced commercial hot water hose reels, keeping in sight the unique requirements of many industries.


The HW1020 HOT WATER REEL is a retractable hot water hose reel solution for all industries.


HW1020 HOT WATER REEL: ReColia HW 1020 HOT WATER REEL is specially designed for hot water solutions in industries that require flexibility, mobility, secure, and efficient operation. The fully automatic retractable hot water hose reel is fitted with a brass swivel that ensures durability.


The ball bearings are standard. This heavy-duty hose reel comes with a particular non-marking food grade hose fitted with a gun, is best suited for hot water washdown in food preparation areas. This enables the usage of the reel also has a drinking water hose reel.


The reel can be extended up to 20 m in length. To ensure hygiene, which is mandatory in the food industry. The case made of sturdy composite material is easy to clean and dry. The case has been designed to facilitate airflow, and the ventilation does not let the formation of bacteria or other microbes, ensuring complete hygiene.


The reel is all-weather and chemical resistant, the brass fittings and the sturdy composite material ensures durability. The spring mechanism is easy to operate, and the auto rewinding reel ensures the hassle-free operation and saves time and effort.


The simple yet effective hose reels ensure safety, increases productivity, and saves time and effort. ReColia: Hose and Cord Reels are committed to providing the best hose reel solutions for all industries, and ReColia HW 1020 HOT WATER REEL is a safe and durable solution for all industries.

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