HRS035S-S Stainless Steel Fire Hose Reel

  • Part Number HRS035S-S
  • ID (mm) 19
  • Length (m) 36
  • Rewind Type Free spooling
  • Compliance Manufactured in accordance with AS1221


ReCoila HR Series Stainless Steel Fire Hose Reels

The HR Series is specifically designed as a single-use fire reel, appropriate for a wide range of workplaces. Supplied with hose and inlet pipe, fire hose reels feature a double O-ringed fluid path to prevent leaks, UV stabilised hose, inlet pipe mounting bracket and a high quality fire nozzle. This stainless steel model is appropriate for environments where corrosion is an issue.

Manufactured in accordance with AS1221.

Note that installation and decommissioning should be undertaken in accordance with AS2441.

Fire hose reels installed in commercial and industrial environments should only be used for fire fighting applications and not for general wash down. 
Fire Hose reels from the ReCoila HR series are efficient and durable. They were manufactured using high-quality build materials and the best in class fittings designed for high performance and heavy-duty.

Manufactured and designed to provide the best firefighting hose reel, they are built in strict accordance with the permitted state standards. The Stainless steel fire hose reels are in strict compliance to AS1221 state standards. With a fixed mount installation in all indoor environments, they are perfect for all commercial and industrial facilities. The fire hose reel installation requires AS2441 state standards to be followed during installation.

The free spooling Stainless steel fire hose reel includes the hose and inlet pipe. The durable tube measures 19mm x 36m and can discharge at 0.45L / S 220 KPa. The hose is fitted with a double 'O' ring and is UV stabilized. The O ring prevents leakage in the fluid path while the UV stabilization adds to the hose's strength. One inlet pipe mounting bracket and a fire nozzle of the best grade comes with the hose reel.

The HR series stainless steel fire hose reels are designed to perform under high-pressure situations, effectively, efficiently, and effortlessly.

The hose reels are subjected to stringent tests and trials to ensure hassle and breakdown free operations. For a broken or a tangled fire hose during an adverse situation can be a nightmare. Built with strict compliance with the state standards, they are perfect for commercial and industrial installations. The stainless steel finish safeguards the unit against corrosion and adds to the lifespan of the group.


  • Series HR Series
  • Working Pressure (KPa) 1500
  • Test Pressure (KPa) 2000
  • Min. Discharge Rate 0.45L / S 220 KPa (19mm x 36m hose)
  • Mounting Fixed
  • Weight (kg) -
  • Max Temp (degrees Celcius) -
  • Finish Stainless Steel
  • Includes Hose? Yes


  • Refer to dimensional drawing On request