GR615 Grease Reel

  • Part Number GR615
  • ID (mm) 6
  • Length (m) 15
  • Pressure (PSI) 5000
  • Rewind Type spring


This auto rewind hose reel is designed to increase hose life when dispensing grease. Easy to operate, simple pull out the desire length and the ratchet mechanism locks the hose when place. When you are finished, a gentle tug releases the ratchet and the spring allows the hose to be coiled back onto the reel. With its tough casing and reliable working parts this reel is perfect for all industrial applications.


  • Series Gen III
  • Inlet Fitting 3/8
  • Outlet Fitting 3/8
  • Weight (kg) 12
  • Max Temp (degrees Celcius) 65
  • Finish Composite
  • Swivel Material Nickel Plated Steel
  • Seal Material Aflas
  • Includes Hose? Yes


  • A 490
  • B 239
  • C 599