AGD200 Compact 2 Port Hose Reel

  • Part Number AGD200.06.XX
  • ID (mm) 6
  • Number of Ports 2
  • Length (m) 1.5
  • Usable Length (m) 1.3


A specialty compact 2 port hose reel for use with cranes, forklifts, telebooms and automation equipment - anywhere where a hose is required to constantly unwind and recoil in high duty cycles. These hose reels are commonly used in the supply of hydraulic oil from fixed to moving points on cranes, Hiabs and truck mounted cranes, forklift trucks and other materials handling equipment. An internal drive spring ensures that the hoses remain constantly under tension.

Note that this reel comes standard in a right hand configuration - for left hand models, replace 'D' in the part number with 'S'.

The part number indicates 'XX' - replace these characters with the hose type you require. For an explanation of hose types, see this page - Constant Tension and Automation Reels Description of Hose Types.


  • Series AG Series Compact
  • Max Flow (l / min) 30
  • Max Hose Speed (m / min) 30
  • Working Pressure (BAR) 300
  • Rewind Type Constant tension spring
  • Available with hose type R7 R8 B1
  • Finish Steel
  • Constant Tension? Yes
  • Includes Hose? Yes


  • A 133
  • B 65
  • C 200
  • E 30
  • F 195