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2014 Hard Copy Catalogue Change Log

We have recently printed hard copies of our 2014 Catalogue. As with any project involving this level of technical detail, we are likely to discover a few errors despite many rounds of proofreading. Following is a list of identified errors. The soft copy catalogue file above is kept up to date; this list is a notification for customers looking at a hard copy, and was last updated 28th October 2014. 

  • Page 22 - BD1020: Should have a BSPF inlet, not NPT as stated.
  • Page 23 & 24 - Gen IV Series reels have been discontinued.
  • Page 27 - C Series Hand Crank Reels: The hand crank C Series comes with a friction brake as standard, it is incorrectly shown as an optional extra. Note that for motorised versions of the C Series, the friction brake is an optional extra. 
  • Page 59 - S555 Series Steel Spring Rewind Reels: Part number S070.1507.300 reads 19mm x 20m, this should read 10mm x 30m
  • Page 71 – C Series Welding Cable Reels – part numbers WC480150, AWC480150, EWC480150, EAWC480150 and HWC480150 should show the cable capacity as 70mm2 not 70m2
  • Page 81 - ER Series Low Torque Reels: The stainless steel versions should have 'SS4' on the end of the part numbers to indicate 304 Stainless Steel, so the part numbers should read ER1300SS4 and ER1500SS4
  • Page 98 - A4 Series 4 Port Hose Reels: Referred to as '2 port hose reels' in the table
  • Pages 124 - 132 - Product titles state 'Cable Hose Reels'; these should be 'Cable Reels'
  • Page 138 - Tool Balancers: The TB Series heavy duty tool balancers show the length as '24 metres' this should be 2.4m
  • Page 147 - Electric Drives: part numbers P56X209 & P56X205 are marked as 500rpm; these should read 650rpm