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Corrosion Resistant Hose Reels Solutions for a Range of Applications

Monday, 07 June 2021 06:24

Corrosion is an important consideration during the design stage and ongoing maintenance of mechanical equipment. Engineers need to consider the types of material used within the design to ensure they are compatible with the environment in which they are to be installed. The choice or oversight in having the wrong material for the application can result in costly downtime, and wasted resources. Hose reels are manufactured in various types of materials to provide an appropriateĀ solution for the application. Far too often lack of consideration in the choice of hose reel results in poor function and premature failure.

What is corrosion?

Corrosion is the process whereby metals erode because of chemical reactions. Corrosion occurs whenever a liquid or a gas reacts with the surface of a material. Salts, acids, and alkaline have a dramatic effect on various metals and are extremely common throughout industry and domestically.

How to prevent corrosion?

Corrosion is prevented or minimized in several ways. One common form of preventing corrosion is through surface coating. The protective coating forms a barrier between the metal's surface and the environment. Common methods of surface protection include:

  • Through the application of paint, powder coat.
  • Through the deposition or coating in a thin layer of an alternate corrosion-resistant metal.

For instance, you can stop iron from rusting by depositing a small layer of nickel, zinc.

Use ReCoila Corrosion-resistant hose reels that suitable for

With the use of metals in various applications like hose reels, we have ensured that they are protected from corrosion. We have a line of custom-made hose reels used in the most extreme conditions and different applications.

1) Marine project

We supply reels in 316, 304, and super duplex stainless steels for the marine industry.

2) Offshore oil and gas

We also provide high-grade custom-made hose reels for the offshore oil and gas industry. We can manufacturer reels specific to the application, in materials designed to operate and function in the environment.

4) Fishing industry

We also have corrosion-resistant hose reels for the fishing industry. We provide a wide range of anti-corrosive hose reel products to be used in the fishing industry.

For a unique project, avail of our custom solutions

As custom hose reels manufacturers, we produce a wide range of hose reels for different projects. We design and build reels based on your specific project. We provide custom solutions for many unique one-off type projects.


Corrosion attacks metal when they are exposed to harmful environmental conditions. In the marine environment, hose reels are exposed daily to adverse gases and salts. This accelerates their corrosion. At ReCoila, we produce custom-made hose reels to resist or prevent corrosion.

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