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Plumbing & Jetting


ReCoila manufactures a wide range of reels suited to plumbing, jetting and pressure washing applications, as well as welding gas reels. From water to welding, we've got a reel to suit your specific job.

Popular models for plumbing applications include the OA Series twin oxygen / acetylene reels, OP Series twin oxygen / propane reels, P Series for propane and A Series for argon.

ReCoila has also invested time and resources into designing a high quality jetting reel that overcomes some of the issues plumbers face with lower quality hose reels such as buckled or twisted spools.

Jetting by nature requires the hose reel to perform like a winch. Conventional reels are not designed to winch  resulting in buckled flanges and twisted spools. ReCoila jetting reels have been designed to overcome the stresses applied when retrieving the hose from a choked drain. A heavy duty welded spool and frame supports the power drive system for an even, controlled rewind, whilst providing an almost free-spooling payout. See jetting reels for more information.