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Find ReCoila Hose and Cord Reels Distributor at Your Doorstep

Enter your postcode and the kilometre radius to search. Can't find a Recoila distributor near you? Please call us on Australia +61 296218988 or New Zealand +64 94410177 to speak to our sales team.

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ReCoila Hose and Cord Reels, Australia, is the leading hose reels supplier in Australia and New Zealand. With a team of skilled and dedicated engineers and state of the art fully customizable manufacturing unit at the heart of Australia, Recolia has been the favorite of individual craftsmen and industries of all sizes- big and small.

Our hard-earned experience of over three decades in manufacturing hose and cord reels brought by close working with the field workers and industry experts enables us to make the best hose and cord reels.

Recolia has carved a niche for itself with successful completion of many international projects across a wide range of operational spectrum from Aviation industries to offshore drilling and mining. Recolia is now one of the leading global industrial hose reels manufacturers.

We work relentlessly to provide the best-customized cords and reels perfectly matching our client's requirements. Our team of skilled workers at the cutting-edge manufacturing unit listens to and understands every detail of the client's needs. With innovation and planning, we provide the best-customized hose and cord reel solution, guaranteed with the best in quality build material. No wonder Recolia is a famous customized hose reel manufacturer in New Zealand and Australia.

Recolia Hose and Cords Reels, Australia has a wide range of products, taking care of all fire safety and industrial reels. We have a plethora of products that are best in build quality with strict adherence to standard safety norms from the manual, wall-mounted, automatic, semi-automatic reels with variable retraction speeds. For any special requirements, we provide customized solutions. Our coils can be fully customized to match your needs perfectly. From deep-sea industrial mining reels and aviation air reels to simple water hose reels and fire safety hose reels for your home, ReCoila covers all.

Our products undergo numerous stringent quality tests to ensure that they are up and running correctly at all times under any situation. For we understand, a cranked reel can adversely affect overall productivity, and a broken fire hose reel can be fatal.

We always research and develop our products. The invaluable feedback supplied by the on-site workers and the frontline fire safety workers helps us to manufacture the latest and the best hose and cord reels. However, we acknowledge that many external factors primarily determine the performance and durability of our products in the work and operational area. Handling and climatic factors also play a crucial role, and breakdowns and faults are inevitable.

We have two dedicated teams taking care of sales and service to minimize downtime and provide the best deals and after-sales experience. As reputed hose reel distributors in Australia, we take all possible measures to make your sales experience easy, fast, and hassle-free. Searching the nearest Recoila distributor is a breeze, tap in your ZIP code and KM radius, or call our dedicated sales team number. For registering your product and availing warranty, you can do so with a free click and a call to the service center.