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Engineering Capability

With over 30 years experience in designing and manufacturing hose reels and cable reels, ReCoila is well placed to offer a custom reel design and manufacturing facility for all types of applications. Our goal has always been to design the best reels in the world and with teams of specialists for both steel and polypropylene production, we continue to lead the way in design, innovation, functionality and reliability.


ReCoila hose reels can be:

  • Designed to handle anything up to 6” diameter hoses in typical drum / flange type reels, or single wrap reels
  • Built with dual, triple and quad fluid path reels to handle multiple hoses including umbilical hose
  • Reinforced for ultra high pressure applications up to 40,000 psi
  • Built to accommodate long hose or cable lengths
  • Built for storage, transfer, dispensing or suction / vacuum applications, as well as cable reels for transferring power
  • Designed for special mediums transfer including cryogenic, hydromulch, waste, chemicals, cooking fats, foam, road emulsion and more
  • Mounted on multiple reel platforms or skids

To see some examples of our custom reels, take at look at the custom hose reel gallery.


Your options are virtually limitless - we can design, build, deliver almost any type of hose reel you can imagine. Dealing with Australia's premier hose reel manufacturer means your life is made easier because we can:

  • Supply 3D drawing files so that you can drop our designs straight into your project
  • Provide local support (we're based in Kings Park, NSW)
  • Engineer out hazards resulting in a safer product


We have designed reels for many different industries including mining and resources, marine, petrochemical, food processing, firefighting, jetting and waterblasting and more, and as a result we are familiar with many of the unique challenges faced by these industries.


If you'd like to go ahead and request a quote on a custom made reel, we'll be in touch as soon as we receive your information to get a full understanding of the job. From there, we'll get back to you with a detailed quotation on the best reel for your application and a time frame for your build. Should you accept our quotation, we'll most likely request a deposit and confirm all the details (once we start production, specs cannot be changed).

At any time during the process you are welcome to request specifications on components, progress photographs of your reel, documentation for your records, or an updated delivery date. We're always available should you have a question regarding your project.