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ReCoila is always looking to improve and fine-tune our manufacturing processes to achieve more environmentally conscious production. Some of the ways we do this include the use of recyclable materials - a high proportion of our components are made from recyclable steel, brass, rubber or composite polypropylene. We make an effort to minimise waste by recycling offcuts and paper waste, using minimal packaging materials, and encouraging staff to be mindful of energy use. 

Through utilising local suppliers where possible, we contribute to a sustainable supply chain, supporting local businesses whilst cutting down on transport emissions. We favour suppliers who display their own commitment to sustainable and ethical practices as well.

Our reels themselves are recyclable, most being made of steel, stainless steel or polypropylene.

Our efforts towards sustainable manufacturing contribute to greater efficiency in our facility, with leaner and more flexible production technologies resulting in lower production costs - and ultimately better prices and a better product for our customers. 

What's recyclable?

  • POLYPROPYLENE REELS - outer cases, side plates, drum - every plastic component (bar the nylon mouth guard and the rubber hose bumper).
  • STEEL & STAINLESS REELS - entire body of the reel, fixings, fluid paths, swivel components and selected other components.