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Customising your hose reels

Can I turn my spring retractable hose reel into a 'constant tension' reel?
Yes, all spring driven polypropylene reels can be converted to constant tension simply by removing the latch mechanism. Please refer to your service manual for an exploded view of the hose reel components, or you can contact us for information on how to do this. Please ensure that if you're converting a reel in your workplace that staff are aware of the change from ratcheting to constant tension, and ensure the hose does not fly back uncontrolled. The force behind an uncontrolled hose under constant tension can cause injury to workers and damage to equipment and the reel itself.

Do you supply hose as a standalone product?
Short answer - no. While we can supply your hose reel with hose, we are first and foremost a hose reel manufacturer not a hose supplier, so if you're simply looking for just hose we're probably not the best choice. However, if you're buying hose as a replacement or spare part for your ReCoila reel, or you want to order a hose assembly for a new ReCoila steel reel, we can certainly help you out. Please contact us and let us know what you're after.

I have a manual hose reel, can I upgrade it to a motor driven version?
Yes, most (but not all) manual reels can be converted to electric, hydraulic or pneumatic motor driven reels. ReCoila have a number of conversion kits available. Please call us with information on the reel you have and the type of motor you're after, and we'll let you know if they are compatible.

Can I add heavy duty hose to my polypropylene hose reel?
Heavy duty EPDM rubber hose is available on our AW Series air / water hose reel and is especially useful in fabrication areas where welding spatter adversely effects the hose. See part number AWHD1210 for more information. Our steel reels are supplied without hose as standard, so if you'd like us to include the hose of your choice please let us know when you enquire or order. We can source hose for any industrial application.