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ReCoila manufactures PCA (pre-conditioned air) reels to enable fast efficient handling of air conditioning ducting by ground support crews. For more information see our Ventilation Reels catalogue.  

Our extensive experience in supplying reels for all types of heavy industry fits seamlessly with the requirements of the aviation sector. ReCoila has a number of off-the-shelf and custom made solutions for washdown and pressure cleaning, grounding, maintenance and service operations as well as purpose-built fire hose reels. Fuelling reels are out specialty, with motor driven C Series and T Series hose reels offering fast, efficient fuel transfer. We can also manufacture a custom hose reel for your individual requirements. 

ReCoila's locally made steel hose reels are fabricated from heavy duty 3mm steel plate for rigidity and strength, with most models available in stainless steel for corrosion resistance. For more information go to the fuelling, firefighting or jetting industry sections, or contact us with your specific requirements.