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Mining & Resources


With safe work practices firmly on the radar for Australian mining companies, ReCoila can assist with hose management systems that keep workers safer, increase productivity and reduce costly downtime.

ReCoila manufactures hose reels for all types of applications related to mining, drilling, blasting, exploration, surveying, minerals processing and associated industries where strength, reliability and performance are paramount.

In particular, our heavy duty T and C Series hose reels are suitable for use with hose up to 1" ID in standard configurations, with many customisable options including drive type, construction materials, swivel configurations and finishes.

  • Available for commonly used hose lengths including 20m, 30m and 60m (plus many more options)
  • Built to handle large diameter hoses
  • Available in 'No Aluminium' versions for underground applications

And, with some 30+ years manufacturing wisdom, ReCoila is well equipped to design and manufacture custom made hose reels for unique applications. We've worked with offshore oil and gas multinationals, coal miners, uranium miners, fuel providers, water management companies, subsea exploration companies, mining truck builders, and everyone in between - you might like to take a look at our custom hose reel gallery or request a quote on a custom made hose reel.