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Why ReCoila is best among the Hose Reel Manufacturers

Thursday, 26 December 2019 14:47

ReCoila is the sources of hose reel from a portion of the world's biggest hose reel producers, every one of whom supplies high caliber new hose affirmed to universal benchmarks.

ReCoila has a group of specialists to guarantee that the hose reels are structured and fabricated according to demanding principles. With an exhaustive scope of hose, line, and link reels and a unique craft and assembling office, ReCoila can supply the desired coil for your use in light of your safety.


30 Years' Experience

We've been making hose reels for quite an extended time now. More than thirty years truth be told, and it's this assembling shrewdness, combined with focused valuing, educated staff, an abundance of specialized data available, and reliable after deals administration that positions us solidly at the front line of our manufacturing.


Best in Designing

ReCoila's powerful in-house and independent testing strategies guarantee that every one of our reels is worked to perform in the field and outlive our rivals. Our objective has consistently been to plan and make the best reels accessible, and we keep on driving the path in structure, development, usefulness, and unwavering quality. ReCoila resolved to proceed with quality and building greatness.


Quality Products

Our range establishes an abundance of designed polypropylene and hardcore steel reels, enhanced with hand-picked reels from a portion of the world's best quality makers to show a complete item fit. Besides, our capacity to structure and fabricate uniquely designed coils in-house implies that we're sure to have a reel to suit your needs.


3000+ Hose Reels for Every Application

Our range contains several off-the-rack models, a specially craft and creation administration, and significant imports from the USA and Europe, bringing about an item extend that spreads pretty much every hose reel application. Snap-on reel searches to discover a reel reasonable for your needs. With more than 30 years of involvement with structuring and assembling hose reels and cable reels, ReCoila is all around put to offer custom made coils and has an assembling facility for a wide range of uses. Read more about custom made hose reels


Specialist in Custom Hose Reels

In case you can't find a reel in our standard range that has all the vital characteristics, we would assemble custom structure a reel that suits your needs. The possible results are near limitless explore our planning limits and our custom hose reel show. Contact our company to discuss your necessities, or to start the ball rolling, you can complete our custom reel reference structure, and we'll hit you up at the earliest opportunity.


Distribution across the Country

ReCoila has workplaces in Sydney and Auckland. However, our circulation assistants are based crosswise over Australia, all through New Zealand, over the Asia Pacific locale, and everywhere throughout the world. ReCoila is a manufacturer, so we don't offer direct to general society, our hose reels can be bought through various experienced mechanical wholesalers, water-driven and liquid administration master stores, independent hardware stores, and supply houses.



To discover your closest ReCoila hose reel distributor, call us on +61 2 9621 8988, you can also connect to us by via mail for assistance or support please visit .