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No Entry: Cordon off hazardous areas with a barrier reel

Friday, 17 February 2012 23:40
Barrier reel with fluoro pink webbing Barrier reel with fluoro pink webbing
Many workplaces have areas that are designated for both thoroughfare and restricted access at different times. An example would be a warehouse roller door – deliveries need to come in and stock needs to go out, but customers and visitors need to be made aware of ‘No Entry’ rules.
Traditionally, businesses have used traffic cones, bollards, wall mounted signage, free standing signs or a combination of these methods to deter customers, visitors or unauthorized staff. When access needs to be made available multiple times a day, bollards and similar barrier methods become cumbersome to move and are sometimes not put back in place by staff, and in the case with wall signage, are occasionally not seen at all.
ReCoila manufactures an easy solution for areas that are designated as both thoroughfare and restricted access – a wall mounted safety barrier reel, fitted with 15 metres of retractable barrier tape, in high visibility orange, pink or yellow. A model is also available fitted with yellow plastic chain. 
When mounted on the side wall of a doorway or access way, the BAR Series reels allow staff to easily unwind up to fifteen metres of chain or tape and attach it to a hook on the opposite wall. The barrier is quickly and easily retracted when pedestrian or vehicular access is necessary.
The reels have a durable impact and UV resistant outer case coupled with a heavy duty spring mechanism, making them ideal for harsh industrial environments.
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