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Are your reels Standards approved?

There is currently no specific Australian Standard for hose reels themselves; however there are a number of other Standards with which our reels comply.

Electrical Reels


  • AS/NZS3105:2007 - Approval and Test Specification - Electrical Portable Outlet Devices. Our EL2402010 Electrical Cord Reel is a prescribed item and complies with this Standard. Other items used in the manufacture of the EL Series reels are approved to one or more of the following standards:
  • AS/NZS 3100:2009 Approval and test specification - General requirements for electrical equipment
  • AS/NZS 3112:2004 Approval and test specification - Plugs and socket - outlets
  • AS/NZS 3120:1999 Approval and test specification - Cord extension sockets
  • Gen III Electrical Reels are tested and tagged 'new to service' to AS/NZS 3760-2010 (+A2)

Welding Gas Reels

Our OA, OP, P & A Series polypropylene welding gas reels are manufactured using guidelines from:

  • AS 4839:2001 - The safe use of portable and mobile oxy-fuel gas systems for welding, cutting, heating and allied processes
  • AS1335:1995 - Hose and hose assemblies for welding, cutting and allied processes

These Standards specify safe operation of hose for various welding applications and our reels have been designed and manufactured accordingly.


All our hose suppliers also conform to the highest international standards - hose spec sheets can be sourced on request.