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ReCoila Fuel Hose Reels Solutions for a Range of Applications

Thursday, 29 April 2021 06:38

ReCoila is an industry renowned name for a wide range of fuel hose reels for the transfer and movement of fuel. ReCoila is one of the critical fuel hose reel manufacturers and suppliers that cater to a broad section of the fuel industry.

As a world-class hose reel manufacturer, we cater to a wide range of business segments that spans the entire fueling industry.

ReCoila Fuel Hose Reels Solutions for a Range of Applications

ReCoila is well known for its range of standard refueling hose reels and when coupled with our ability to produce custom fuel hose reels to meet a customer’s specific application we offer a complete one-stop-shop for all refueling hose reels.

Truck Refueling

Recoila is a leading brand in the manufacture of fuel transfer hose reels for mobile refueling. We have some of the best retractable and motor-powered fuel hose reels for fast and effective mobile refueling.

We have numerous hose reels in our range with capacities covering 10mm – 200mm ID refueling hose. We also have the professional, technical experience and capacity to produce custom fuel hose reels for any mobile refueling purposes.

Offshore Refueling

Recoila is a brand synonymous with heavy-duty steel hose reels. We engineer the best possible marine refueling hose reels for the offshore oil and gas industry.

We specialize in producing custom-engineered heavy-duty hose reels designed specifically for the application and environment typically endured in the offshore oil and gas industry.

Aviation Fueling

Recoila offers a full complement of Aviation refueling hose reels for domestic and military aircraft. With the capacity to design and fabricate custom reels specific to the application.

High Volume bulk Fuel Transfer

ReCoila, offers a range of reels for high volume bulk transfer for hose sizes range from 50mm – 200mm in pneumatic, hydraulic, and electric rewind options. The choice of construction materials and surface finished.

Diesel Fueling

Recoila manufacturers a complete range of diesel refueling hose reels. Our hose reels are designed and developed to accommodate the multitude of applications within the diesel refueling market.

And much more

Recoila is the leading brand name for the production and supply of heavy-duty steel hose reels for its clients. The company prides itself on the numerous clients that it has helped to get the best professional hose reels over the years. From fully autonomous to self-rewind fuel hose reel products, ReCoila can do them all.


Recoila is the leading name in the business of design, production, and distribution of heavy-duty steel hose reels. The company supplies its various clients with custom hose reels, which are tailored solutions to help their businesses.