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Our Top Five Hose Reels Of 2020

Monday, 24 August 2020 04:03

We use hoses for different reasons, but one of the things that we keep ignoring about the hose system is its reels. Hose reels are used in different locations and for various purposes. They help in the storage and movement of hoses. There are several types of hose reels in the market. The particular type of hose reels that you choose to buy depends on your needs.


Our top five hose reel of 2020 reviews the most popular hose reels in the market.


1) Steel hose reels

These steel hose series come with a simplistic and minimal design. One good thing about the steel hose reels is that they are quite affordable. Because of its original and practical design, these hose series can be used for different applications. The hose series is simple and tough enough to handle hoses of various sizes, pressures, and lengths.


The steel hose reels come with a high-end and reliable 12VDC motor. In these series, ball bearings were used to support the central axle. This offers a stable and smooth rotation. Also, adjustable friction brakes allow anyone to either remove or add drag. This is used to prevent excess spooling. The positive lock spool-lock helps fasten the spool in place to stop overrun during movement. Due to the design of the open reel, the airflow dries out the wet areas.


The hose series can be easily serviced and maintained due to its bolt-together spool and frame. The C-series of this category of hose has a peculiar modular design. This enables you to either add or change up the drive systems when in the field or some other time in the future by using an effortless bolt-on feature.


2) Steel spring rewind hose reels

The steel spring rewind hose reels are quite compact and are heavy-duty in nature. If you plan to get hose reels in a restricted work area, this reel works best. It can be applied to various demanding locations. It has some advanced technology that guarantees a noiseless working operation and a longer life of performance devoid of trouble.


3) Fire hose reels

The fire hose reels can widely be used for different purposes. This hose reel comes fully supplied with an inlet pipe and a hose. The hose has a fluid path which is in the form of a double O-ringed structure. This design helps the tube to avoid leakages. Other elements of this hose reel include inlet pipe mounting bracket, a fire nozzle of high quality, and the UV stabilized hose. The fire hose reels have a stainless-steel variant that can be used in challenging environments with extensive corrosion problems.


4) Garden hose reels

If you need to maintain your garden's beautiful appearance, the garden hose reels are the most excellent solution to buy. With this hose reels, you have no problem with tangling or tripping over your hose whenever you are watering the garden or washing the car. This reel is complete with a 2m side hose to connect it. The tube also has an inlet fitting. The garden hose reels are also the most durable garden hose reels that are available in the market.


5) Medium pressure hose reels

These types of hose reels are an industrial grade and of heavy-duty. It is produced with the highest strength to work consistently and confidently, even in extreme applications. The medium pressure hose reel comes with a one-off aluminum casting component containing five essential elements to minimize maintenance and elongate its working life. The medium pressure hose reels can be used for various heavy-duty applications.


Hose reels are quite indispensable to humans. They help in storing and movement of hoses, which are used to channel water to its needed source. Reliable dealers in Sydney, Australia have some of the best hose reels.

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