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ReCoila - A Reliable Industrial Stainless Steel Hose Reels Supplier

Friday, 17 July 2020 06:31

ReCoila Hose and Cord reels have been the leading Cord and Hose reel manufacturer and supplier in Australia and New Zealand for more than three decades.


Our expertise in manufacturing Stainless steel hose reels gained from years of working in closeness with industrial workers and individual artisans has enabled us to be the leading hose and hose reel manufacturers and hose reel suppliers in Australia and New Zealand.


We provide the latest and the best Stainless steel hose reels for a plethora of private and industrial work areas.


Our Stainless Steel Hose Reels are suitable for:


  1. Food Industry
  2. Aviation Industry
  3. Fueling Industry
  4. Firefighting Industry


The stainless steel hose reels for the food industry are manufactured with strict adherence to industry standards with new build materials. Aviation and Fueling industries' unique requirements are matched by fully customizable reels made using high-performance fittings and the most durable build material.


Our highly talented team of experts has completed some of the most challenging customizations in the Fueling industry for overseas clients, adding to our long list of achievements. All the firefighting hose reels undergo the strictest tests and trials, imitating real-life situations to ensure optimum performance levels during real-time operations.


We at ReCoila understand that each operation and every worker has individual needs that add to the overall productivity. Thus, we aim to provide fully Customized hose reels, perfectly matching individual and industrial requirements.


The state of the art manufacturing unit located in Sydney, Australia, with one of the best workforces, encourages clients to design and build their hose reels.


Our custom made hose reels cover all Rewind types for every industry.


Most Preferable Rewind type being:


  1. Spring
  2. Electronic
  3. Motor
  4. Free Spooling
  5. Manual


The industrial hose reels, of each rewind type, are manufactured with the best build material to ensure maximum durability. While the Stainless steel spring rewind hose reels have the best BTS brass fittings and a superior finish for durability and heavy usage, the stainless steel retractable hose reels and superior build materials are designed for installation in any space: home, office, industry, public places.


The stainless steel automatic rewind hose reels are efficient. The rewind speeds are in strict adherence to the state requirements, and the electric hose reels are designed and manufactured to provide complete safety. Our manual hose reels with a superior hose and build material enable safe, efficient, and effortless handling.


Every hose reel designed and manufactured undergoes stringent tests and trials to ensure that they deliver during real-time operation. We at ReCoila strive for constant improvement in design and manufacturing and rely on the firsthand feedback and recommendations of every industry's frontline workers.


As one of the leading industrial hose distributors, we emphasize excellent after-sales service.


With dedicated sales and service teams, service contact numbers, and a user-friendly online search option, we take all possible measures to ensure prompt and efficient after-sales service.

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