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What you should know about retractable hose reel

Friday, 28 February 2020 02:48

A hose reel material is either fiberglass, plastic, or cylindrical metal reel used to ensure a convenient roll-up of the dispensing hose. There are several types and styles of hose reels. You can find manual, automatic, or electric hose reel. Remember to choose the best hose reel that will match your needs.


The primary use of a hose reel is to keep the hose organized. A tangled hose does not work effectively. This is why you need to consider investing in a retractable hose reel that will save your time, repair money, and prevent leakage or damage to the hose.

Types of hose reel

Selecting the best retractable hose reel depends on what specialized task you need to carry out. Here are some examples and their functions to help your selection go fast and accurate while shopping

1. Retractable fire hose reel

- is made of durable, long-lasting material to fight any fires. Used by firefighters, the fire hose reel can be placed in any public place like hotels, schools, and office buildings and even in private homes.

2. Retractable hot water hose reel

- created for an industrial purpose to withstand boiling water to a temperature of 100-140 degrees Fahrenheit and it should not be used for cold or normal water.

3. Retractable high-pressure hose reel

- can withstand a great deal of pressure about 2000-3000PSI and some made and modified base on customer recommendation.

4. Retractable fuel hose reel

- use to hold and distribute fuel and other petroleum products to a target destination, they are reliable and flexible. They are resistant to wear and tear from either the hydrocarbons or the weather.

5. Retractable air hose reel

- are versatile and can either be stationary or wall-mounted with a quick-connect device to the coil and hold an air hose for professional use.

6. Retractable spray hose reel

- made for homes and gardening they are perforated to allow water spray out of the hose with a pressure that helps it to reach a distance of about 10 feet or more. They are also suitable for irrigation purposes.

Why use hose reels

Besides time and cost-efficient, some great reasons you need a hose reel are-

1. Increases productivity

 – you will have an easy time dispensing of liquids when you have hose reel situated at the right place.

2. Reduces wear

 – fluid hoses will wear out with time because they are rubber. Allowing equipment or vehicles to roll over the tube can cause premature wear and damage. A hose reel increases the life span of the hose, reducing replacement costs. Besides, it allows you to store it inside during harsh weather.

3. Safety

 – a retractable hose reel prevents hazards at the workplace, creating a conducive working environment.

4. Efficiency

 – hose reels ensure efficient storage of fluids and hose.



A hose reel is essential in our day-to-day activities. They ensure safety and efficiency in the working environment. Recolia provides the best retractable reel hose in Australia. You can visit our company website to order the best hose reel to serve your needs.

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