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Choose the Right Hose Reel as per Your Application

Sunday, 26 May 2019 13:09

Consideration should be given to


  • Hose length, size, medium and working pressure
  • The application including environmental factors
  • Operator feel and use ability
  • Rewind methods


Hose reels are typically a straightforward bit of kit, yet they serve a significant capacity in a wide range of modern applications, giving security and added proficiency to any business requiring the utilization of hose or cable. In light of the fact, there is a wide range of applications and capabilities enveloped in the assortment of reels available. It is important that you select the best option for your application.


Spring driven hose reels are regularly referred to as spring rewind hose reels, typically fitted with a locking pawl that enables the client to deploy the hose to the desired length, locking it at a length suited to the task at hand. The hose would then be pulled forward to discharge the locking pawl allowing the reel to retrieve the hose.


Spring driven hose reels are typically valuable as they don't require a power source to drive them and can be utilized pretty much across all industry sectors. With modern design techniques and materials, they do not necessarily require constant upkeep.


However, consideration must be given to the application and operators required to use the reels on a daily basis. Long and large hoses require a power-full spring that the operators would need to pull against in order to operate the reels, in this case the option of a powered rewind reel could be a more secure option.


Although it is possible to make spring reels for large bore hose and or long lengths the power to pull against the spring becomes a limiting factor and consideration needs to be given to other types of rewind methods.


Spring rewind reels are well suited to Small bore industrial types hoses ¼” through 1” pressure up to 10,000 psi, in applications such as lubrication, refueling, fluid transfer, compressed air, hot and cold water, coolant and oil dispensing, chemical spraying, electrical extension leads.

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