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Safe design: it’s in our DNA

Tuesday, 15 May 2012 00:45
Safe Work Australia’s Principles of Safe Design is a best-practice guideline for manufacturers and designers of plant, equipment and buildings for workplaces, and has been developed with the goal of eliminating inherent hazards from the initial design stages right through a product’s life cycle to decommissioning and disposal.
These Safe Design guidelines were originally released as part of the National OHS Strategy back in 2002 to assist manufacturers in adopting a holistic approach to safety. The guidelines have come to the fore again as part of the recent national harmonisation of Australia’s workplace health and safety laws.
So what’s this got to do with hose reels?
Our reels are built to increase safety and productivity through providing operators with a more effective means of handling hoses, cords and cables in their workplace environment. We’ve been touting ReCoila hose reels as a safety solution since day one, but the Safe Design guidelines take it to a whole new level.
It’s great to see this standardised framework being pushed to raise the bar for manufacturers in Australia. This will have the knock-on effect within our industry of gradually weeding out any intrinsically unsafe reels, which can only be good news for the customer.
To find out how our hose management solutions can reduce the risk of trips and falls and improve the safety record in your workplace, give us a call or email our technical team.
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